Debbie Farino
""I have been using Oridel products for many years now. At first, I replaced my daily moisturizer with Oridel Silk Moisturizing Cream. It makes my skin feel soft, smooth, and hydrated but NOT greasy. It also has a lovely fragrance. I was so happy with the results, that I started replacing my other skin care products with the Oridel version. I love the Green Tea Moisturizing Sun Screen, Foaming Facial Cleanser, Green Tea Supercharger Antioxidant Serum, and Oscar Night Rejuvenating Treatment. My skin looks and feels so wonderful now, I couldn't be happier.""

Debra Landau
Dix Hills, NY
""I used to have many problems with my skin, from acne to oiliness to dryness. Since maintaining a monthly schedule of facials, and using Oridel's products daily, my skin glows like that of a much younger woman. My complexion is healthy, and I can go out with minimal make-up and still feel confident about my appearance. I have applied the "Oscar Night" Rejuvenating System twice a week for the past six weeks and the improvement in my skin is remarkable. Pores are smaller, break-outs are less frequent and facial lines have nearly disappeared. I am ready for Oscar Night every night.""

Dr. Alexander Melman
""Oridel Silk is the best moisturizing lotion I have ever used. Goes on smoothly, soaks in quickly and makes the skin refreshed without a strong fragrance. I even recommend it for my patients because of the healing properties of Sea Buckhorn. Thank you Marina for a great product.""

Florina Dorjets
Brookline, Massachusetts
""I have a condition called keratosis pilaris - problem skin on the back of the arms. Saw numerous dermatologists (including the Best of Boston) always to get the same answer: “Nothing can be done”. I tried various scrubs by “Fresh”, “Neutrogena” etc. as well as number of creams and lotions prescribed by the dermatologists (don’t remember the names). Nothing worked. I first tried the Oridel "Summer Skin" - Anti-Cellulite Glycolic Body Scrub - during summer of 2009 and was shocked to see the difference this product made for my skin. My arms felt smooth and silky first time in years! I honestly could not believe my eyes. This scrub is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their skin. I am planning to try other products by the Oridel. If they are as good as the Body Scrub – I am hooked.""