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I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to first let you know that I am so grateful to my friend for referring me to you because my skin has never looked better since having your facials and using your products. As you know, there is so much information in magazines and books about 'the best skincare" for helping women to look their best, and having someone as knowledgeable as you to work on my skin continues to be a great experience. However, the real reason I am writing to you is to brag about the "liquid gem" oil that I bought from you. It has helped my face to both feel and look moisturized throughout this bitter cold winter we have been having, and it's a wonderful addition to my regimen in the morning after I have used my Retin-A the night before. As you know, the Retin-A can be drying and make the skin flaky. Well each winter season I cope with uncomfortable (and embarassing!) patches of eczema on my nipple area, and while I have used doctor prescribed creams on the area for many years, it never completely goes away. So I decided one morning to use the "liquid gem" on the nipple area and I noticed throughout the day that it made the itchiness stop! Well after two days of using the "liguid gem" both morning and night on the nipple area, the eczema was GONE!!!!!!! Well Marina to say the least I will never be without your 'liquid gem" which really should be called "miracle oil!" I have tried countless moisturizers, vaseline, and vitamin e oil to no avail. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a wonderful product that I will forever use on my face and any eczema patches that I develop. I completely trust your products 100 percent and am so grateful to have found such a nice person who is an excellent esthetician who brings only quality information and products to her clients.

New York