Sea Buckthorn Applications

Extract of Sea Buckthorn berries has been used for over thousands of years, in ancient Greece and Rome, in Tibetan monasteries and elsewhere. Today, it is used mostly in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China, remaining fairly unknown to the American cosmetics market.

The fruit of Sea Buckthorn is a base for many hair and skin formulations in China, Russia and Eastern Europe (in Romania particularly). Over the past 30 years, the published literature, available mostly in Russian and Chinese, describes a wide ranging collection of such formulations: moisturizer for treating eczema; skin regenerating cosmetics; face cream for dry, oily and normal skin; nourishing night cream; emollient cream for eyes; tonic skin lotion; after shave lotion; shampoo for giving hair a silky appearance; cosmetics formulations for after bathing; bubble-bath; massage cream; sun-screen lotion; skin cleansing composition; emulsion for removing makeup; anti-irritation lotion.

Sea Buckthorn is reported to show unique physiological characteristics too and has been used to treat a variety of medical ailments such as enhancing the healing of wounds, burns and ulcers. It is reported to retard skin aging, cure and alleviate acne, impetigo and dry skin and give shine and healthy look to the hair. Sea Buckthorn oil is used for a variety of personal care applications in Eastern Europe and China.

  • Moisturizer for treating eczema
  • Skin regenerating cosmetics
  • Shampoos
  • After shave lotion
  • Anti-irritation lotion

The extract has been used to treat a variety of medical ailments. The Ministry of Light Industry of China reports that the extract retards skin aging; smoothes the skin, cures or alleviates acne, impetigo, dry skin. The Northwestern College of Forestry, Shaami, China, reports this extract is an anti-inflammatory; enhances healing of burns by encouraging the formation of epithelia; improves healing of ulcers; alleviates esophageal and duodenal inflammation; prevents radiation damage (to mouse tissue); heals decubitus ulcers; alleviates certain cardiovascular diseases; possesses anticancer activity.

Studies at the Medical College, Taijuan Shaanxi, show that Sea Buckthorn Extract is assimilated well and prevents cell damage from lipid peroxidation. The Russian Academy of Science found that Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract reduces tissue inflammation.

Unique properties of Sea Buckthorn extract led to its acceptance in to the Russian and Chinese Pharmacopoeias.