Oridel® Rejuvenating System

Description: Oridel® Rejuvenating Treatment contains the optimal effective concentration of the renovating complex. Its active ingredients easily penetrate the skin, exfoliating dead cells and stimulating regeneration of a new healthy skin layer. This treatment provides delicate but effective stimulation of skin renewal.

Active ingredients:

  • Glycolic and Lactic Acids visibly improve the skin texture, smooth out the skin surface, lighten the pigment spots, and even the (skin) complexion;
  • Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide diminish manifestation of acne and regulate the function of the oil glands;- Kojic and Ascorbic Acids effectively lighten the pigment spots, post-acne scars, and all kinds of hyper pigmentation;
  • High-performance antioxidant components Coenzyme COQ10, Ginkgo Biloba and Rosemary activate skin’s protective properties, and reduce inflammation.
  • Milk, Wheat Proteins and Collagen moisten the skin and reduce irritation to considerably lessen the risk of skin injury and inflammation while undergoing this treatment.


Successive use of two preparations (cream and mask) allows you to receive a higher actual acid concentration as compared with the initial one, but still the irritation effect does not increase. Each procedure prepares the skin for the following one, thus creating a cumulative effect of the exfoliating treatments. Due to the sparing composition and presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory additives the treatment is suitable for sensitive, dry, and fading skin, where more aggressive methods won’t do. It is also suitable for treatment of stressed skin (after plastic surgery, dermatological treatment, pregnancy, lingering illness etc.)


  • Acne in any stage;
  • Excessive oiliness;
  • Any type of mature fading skin;
  • Preparing the skin for plastic surgery and dermabrasion;
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery (scars, puffiness);
  • Hyper-pigmentation of any origin.

How to Use:

Oridel® Rejuvenating Treatment is recommended both for an occasional use (such as to promptly refresh and improve skin complexion), as well as for a course of several treatments as a solution for specific problems as the skin condition requires. Such course may consist of two to three procedures per week, with a total number ranging from 10 to 12 treatments. It is recommended to either periodically (once in 3 to 6 months) perform supporting and preventing courses of treatments, or continue with one to two treatment per week schedule on a regular basis.

Treatment Protocol:

  • Cleanse skin with a cleansing solution suitable for the skin type. After cleansing, it is necessary to apply toner (astringent) depending on the skin type.
  • For a more even distribution and deeper penetration of the preparation one may use additional exfoliators such as a mild microdermabrasion cream before peeling.
  • Apply an even layer of Phase 1 cream to the skin and perform a light massage for about 1-2 minutes until the preparation is almost fully absorbed. Do not rinse.
  • Apply the Phase 2 mask with the fan brush in an even thin layer to the face and neck (décolleté area, if desired) and leave it until it solidifies (approximately 20 minutes). For a more dramatic effect, the treatment may be left on the skin for a longer time, up to 45 minutes.
  • To remove stroke the mask edges lightly and take off the formed film. Do not rinse. To assure that no mask residue is left on the skin and around the hair line gently brush off the remainder of the mask with your fingertips.
  • At the end of the procedure apply antioxidant cream or serum. If procedure is performed in the day time, also apply SPF-15 minimum. Do not use preparations containing acids and retinoids the day of the treatment.
  • Sometimes a mild skin exfoliation and redness may be observed; therefore intensive moisturizing and lubrication are necessary.


Immediate improvement of the skin appearance: lightening of the pigment spots, restoring skin complexion, smoothing out of fine lines, unclogging pores.

Prolonged effects: gradual smoothing of wrinkles as a result of the stimulation of collagen and the elastin production, control of comedone and pigment spots, balancing of skin oiliness, increasing of moisture level, and improvement of facial muscle tone.