June 16, 2011

Body Language

By jennifer waldman
Body Language

When your body speaks to you, how well do you listen? If you don’t respond, how much louder does it speak? While on an endless journey to care for what it thought to be the most visible points of our bodies-face, neck, decollete and hands, there are other untouched areas that are craving attention. Attention like a rich washing cream gently gliding over your skin will certainly add comfort and joy to a body who desires more TLC. Topping off the treatment with a light or rich moisturizer will enhance the quality of experience when addressing body language. Wading through the sea of products dedicated to cleanse and moisturize the needs of the body may cause confusion. Keeping this in mind, I have collected a few products that claim to offer exfoliation, cleansing, age prevention and moisturizing or all with their unique concepts.

Seeking everlasting youth? Oridel has what you seek in Liquid Gem Amber. One powerful blend of some of the most precious botanical oils in the world, this formula moisturizes, nourishes, repairs and relaxes the scalp and body. After the first experience with this well-thought through treatment, skin and hair bear a long, radiant glow and a soft, velvety touch like none other! Ingredients such as Jojoba, Argan, Apricot, Avocado, Evening Primrose, Borage, Sesame, Wheat Germ, Arnica, Rosewood, Calendula, Sea Buckthorn, Neroli, Chamomile, Carrot and Vitamin E Oils, take skin to a new dimension. Sleep is taken to a deeper more relaxing place when applied before bed time. When is oil at its best? When it is non-oily! This is your moisturizing relaxation solution. Everything about this product from the packaging to the body’s response 24 hours after application is VERY impressive!

Whatever your needs in skin care, there is something for everyone in this line up of effective beauty bounty. When your body starts talking, listen closely and respond in kind. Keep skin exfoliated, moist and protected and watch how well it takes care of you.

Have a beautiful week!