May 04, 2011

15 Tips for Looking Sexy Over 40

By jennifer waldman
15 Tips for Looking Sexy Over 40

As a mature woman, looking “sexy” can be a real struggle. You’re torn between wanting to be attractive, but not wanting to look like you’re trying too hard.

Looking Sexy… Not Silly

I asked a panel of experts what they thought:

What can women over 40 do to look “sexy”

What common mistakes should they avoid that might make them end up looking “silly”?

    The answers I received were amazing! Here’s the advice they had to give:

    #1 – Give the Girls a Boost

    Like the rest of the body, breasts change as we age, yet women will continue buying the same bra size for years. Have your size measured by a professional at your local lingerie or department store. You’ll be surprised how much slimmer and younger you will look with proper support and shaping.

    After you are certain of your correct size, treat yourself to a new ‘under-wardrobe’ of lace and loveliness. It will be your secret weapon.

    From Angela Farrell, E-Commerce Manager for Simone Perele French Lingerie

    #2 – Nurture Your Inner Vixen

    Get out of your sweats and t-shirts and put on some sexy lingerie for yourself — or your partner. There is nothing hotter than a matching bra and panty, or a pair of thigh high stockings. Putting on a pair of sexy panties under a dull business suit or your pair of favorite jeans gives you a feeling of mystery, power, and a little rebelliousness!

    From Rebecca Jennings of

    The next 5 tips come to us from professional film and television makeup artist, Patty Bell

    #3 – Less is More

    Lighten up on the foundation and powder. Nothing ages a women more than heavy pancake makeup that settles into the fine lines and wrinkles. Switch to a tinted moisturizer to add a nice dewey glow to the skin and only powder the nose if needed. No one should ever see your foundation- it should be used sparingly to even out your skin.

    #4 –  Don’t be Afraid of Mascara

    It instantly opens your eyes and makes them look bigger! A navy mascara makes the whites of your eyes, pop!Add an extra coat for a little more pizzazz and concentrate on the outer corners to add a sexy cat eye, or add a few individual lashes, by Ardell for that extra Hollywood glamour.

    #5 – Concealer is Your Best Friend

    No woman should ever go without under eye concealer. It instantly brightens the eyes and takes years off.Look for shades that have a yellow undertones to take away the purpleness under the eyes, and always apply after your foundation.

    #6 –  Have a Crush on Blush!

    As we age, our skin becomes dull and lackluster, but with a nice flush of blush on the apples of the cheeks, you can instantly brighten your complexion and look alive! I like Milani’s Luminous blush for a nice, healthy glow- it’s a beautiful pinky coral shade with gold highlights that looks great on everyone.

    #7 – Swap your lipstick, for Lipgloss

    Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your life- toss out your dark winter shades and lighten your lip color for spring with a sparkly gloss to give you a younger, fresher look, guaranteed to take years off. Your lips will look fuller and sexier, especially at night.

    #8 – Avoid the sun, embrace sunglasses!

    While it seems contradictory to both avoid the sun and to embrace sunglasses while in the sun, we all know its impossible to completely avoid sunshine. If you do go in the sun, glop a high SPF all over your face and neck and wear sunglasses.

    Crows Feet are the quickest way to give away your age. The sun, married with squinting in the sun, will bring them on prematurely. So, you may not only look your age, but you may appear older. While a tan makes us all look good, being the hottest 80 year old in the home is essential when looking to date as an octogenarian. Follow this tip and reap the rewards as you gracefully age.

    From Jodi Ambrose of In Your Face Publishing

    #9 – Sexiness is an inside job.

    While a hot body, perfect features, and trendy clothes in general say “sexy,” that all loses its appeal when you see someone is shallow. Conversely, people who are imperfect in their appearance but are fulfilled in their self-expression radiate confidence (Mick Jagger) and a love of life. If there is any doubt about that, remember that some of the hottest people on the planet have been the most miserable (Marilyn Monroe) or were cheated on (Halle Berry).

    Be who you are and do what you do best, and you will be sexy in your own unique way.

    From Psychotherapy/Clinical Hypnosis, Speaker/Author, Nancy B. Irwin, PsyD, C.Ht.

    #10 – Get the raw glow!

    Your skin will shine and you’ll look fine on a diet rich in raw foods. Cooked, dead, and processed foods age your skin, making it dull and pale, while a diet rich in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lightly cooked fish is great for the skin! The omega-3 fats from walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and small oily fish are the best single thing you can do to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

    From Susan Schenck, author of “The Live Food Factor, The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit” and TV host for

    #11 – Look and feel bulletproof

    The key to being sexy starts with thinking you are sexy.  A great place to start is committing to looking “bulletproof” every time you go out.  You should be able to say, “I look like a million bucks” every time you check your outfit in the mirror.  Say it enough times and you will embrace your sexiness.  Embrace your sexiness and others will too.

    From Jeremy Hamburgh, Hitchcraft dating consulting

    #12 – Just a Hint is All You Need

    Less eyeshadow, less red lipstick, less low cut blouse and less short short skirts.

    Just above the knee and a hint of that gorgeous cleavage, nude color lips and neutral tones are all ultra sexy. don’t try too hard either. Pulling up your skirt is not sexy but bending down and giving a brief glimpse of stocking top is.

    From Rochelle Peachey, founder of I Love Your Accent

    #13 – Wear a Non-Toxic Mineral Sunscreen

    The biggest tip to keeping a youthful look is to wear your sunscreen daily and not just any sunscreen, a non-toxic mineral sunscreen is ideal.”

    From Tricia Trimble, Founder of Suntegrity Skincare

    #14 – Green Juice to Hydrate Your Skin

    To keep your facial skin super sexy and glowing, start your morning off with an ultra cook, alkalizing cucumber juice! Not only do cucumbers hydrate you pronto (while caffeine first thing will only case more dehydration), they will also help alkalize your body and bring everything into a state of “ahhhhh”! Your skin will be hydrated and with daily use, you will likely “get the glow” that so many do from daily green juicing.

    Recipe: Wash 2 medium/large refrigerated cucumbers (organic/unwaxed), run through your juicer… wa-laa, instant beauty drink! (Yields approx 16oz.)

    From The Healthy Lifestylist, Tina Pruitt

    #15 – Use Sea Buckthorn Oil

    Women have two clocks but it doesn’t have to move at the same speed for everyone. The little known secret is that you can ignore standard time and select a clock of your own. One that cannot halt the aging process but can absolutely slow it down.

    One of the keys is sea buckthorn oil. Derived from exotic berries generally found in harsh and extreme climates, this ‘miracle’ all-natural ingredient is widely known in Russia–and a powerful element of Russian beauty–but remains a virtual secret in the US.

    Marina Gleyzer, owner and CEO of Spring Beauty Spa